About the Program

Rockin Monkey is proud to offer membership services to freelance Graphic Artists. With packages to fit all professional needs, we can assist you with providing resources that will benefit your business goals and personal growth. 

Whether its building your own portfolio, or stair stepping into a career job, our professional environment and resources will help facilitate the prosperity of your own practice. We offer the environment and tools that will further assist you in achieving your individual success.

Our goal is to help nurture and cultivate the ever-growing community of Graphic Designers and Artists within San Antonio. 

Not only would you benefit with being a part of our design community, Rockin Monkey Design Group members will also receive wholesale pricing and discounts on all Rockin Monkey products and services.

You've Got Questions. We've got Answers.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is a freelance graphic designer, website designer, illustrator, photographer, videographer, interior designer, UI developers, etc. ...you get the gist.

What is a Full-Time member?

A full-time member is someone who runs their practice from their private office within the Rockin Monkey Design Studio.

What is a Part-Time member?

A part-time member is someone who is based elsewhere, but uses the Design Studio as a place of inspiration, a place to collaborate with the community, and does not mind using an open, shared office space.

Is there a weekly time cap on using the Studio?

Not at all, neither full nor part-time members have a weekly time limit on using the Design Studio. You are free to come and go as you please, and our card access system allows you use the space after-hours.

Do you offer any kind of job placement?

No, we do not offer any job placement, nor are we any sort of temp agency.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Absolutely! After your initial 3 month membership term, your membership is then month to month.

How are my files and information protected from theft?

The entire office is open to the public during the business hours from 9am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. After-hours access is available to our members through the use of individually coded key cards. The private offices for full-time members also have restricted code access. If you decide to use the a la cart option of the private file server, then you will have your own login information. And of course, it is your responsibility to protect your key card and login information from getting stolen.

How are my files protected from corruption and server failure?

We use a RAID 6 configuration for our server with an additional backup image of the drives taken once a week. We've seen drive failure before, so we take the protection of our data and servers seriously.

Do you offer any student discount rates?

Currently no, but we are working on creating a summer fellowship program to debut in the future.

Will I have the ability to meet privately with my own clients?

Both full and part-time members have access to the meeting room that can be scheduled at any time. Full-time members will have the added ability to meet with clients in their own private office.

So, tell me about this meeting room you speak of...

Our meeting room has a full dry erase wall, conference phone, and wifi enabled presentation projector for easy hookup to your own laptop or tablet.