What if my artwork doesn't quite fit the listed sizes?

Our team goes by the area (length x width) of the size ordered. Let's say you're interested in ordering 3" x 3" stickers.  We'll take the length and multiply it by the width. From our example the 3"x3" stickers would give you 9 square inches to work with.

Once we know the area, we can work backwards to find a length and width that will equal the same area of 9 square inches. This will all be done while maintaining the original ratio of the artwork.

Above are some common final print sizes when ordering stickers as 3"x3" stickers.

Are you going to stretch or squish my drawings so they fit the sticker size I choose?

Nope, we'll keep the proportions of the drawing the same as they are in the photo you upload.

Can I choose different sizes in the same package?

Not at this time. All stickers per package will be printed within the same general size based on the final dimensions per drawing.

Example: Let's say you order 60 3"x3" stickers. Great, you'd upload images of 3 different drawings