Membership Guidelines

We know how difficult it can be to find a place for your creativity to grow and thrive without being a working drone within a large company. We are a small business and want to help support other small businesses, freelancers and graphic artists. What better way than to integrate businesses of different kinds together, to work hand in hand? Our goal here at Rockin Monkey is to help nurture and cultivate the ever-growing community of Graphic Designers and Artists within San Antonio. We want to offer the environment and tools that will further assist you in achieving your individual success.

  1. Movement within your company: We want to help small businesses and freelancers expand or downsize their membership with us. You may add new members or desks at any time, based upon availability and qualification. Please note that Rockin Monkey membership fees are non-refundable.

  2. Dedicated Desk Location: When choosing the location of your desk, or work space, we will try to be accommodating. However; it is not guaranteed that you will get or remain in a specific location. You may be moved as new members join or old members leave.

  3. Your Style: We encourage members with desks to decorate their work area. However; if you’d like to hang anything on the wall or ceiling, or bring in anything excessively large, you must first get written permission from Rockin Monkey management. A refundable deposit may be required. You must also keep your work space reasonably clean, uncluttered and keep your items confined to just your immediate desk area. We are not responsible for theft or damage to your personal items. Please do not leave valuable items unattended and use care when deciding what you would like to bring in and leave in your area.

  4. Memberships with Office Rooms: Though the space may be dedicated to you, Rockin Monkey will have a master key to your space and can access it as we deem necessary. We also want our office spaces full, so if we notice that you are not using the office space and it is empty for large periods of time, we reserve the right to take the office space away.

  5. Community Areas: You understand that, except for dedicated desks and offices, this is a community use of space and that all use is on a first come, first serve basis daily.

  6. Storage Space: If you are on a part time membership, and not using a dedicated office area, you may use the file cabinets under the desks, or the available lockers located in the creative lounge to keep your items. However; use of these items by other members, whether by accident or on purpose, is possible. Rockin Monkey staff will have access to these and can access them as necessary in their discretion.

  7. Conference Room: Rockin Monkey has only one full conference room, and to be guaranteed use, you will need to reserve it on our google calendar. If you see the conference room is empty, feel free to use it, but note you will kicked out if someone else has reserved it. We reserve the right to limit how many hours each member is able to book a conference room per month based on demand of the room.

  8. Parking: There are plenty of spots in front and on the side of our building that you may use.

  1. Access Cards: We will provide each Member with a security card that will get you access to the front offices of Rockin Monkey. You do not need to turn in the card when you end your membership. If you lose your car and need to replace it, you will be charge $5/card.

  2. Janitorial Service: We have a janitorial service that comes in once a week (usually on Thursdays). Please note that if you are a full time member and have a dedicated office, the janitorial service will be granted access to clean your office on the days they are here.

  3. After Regular Business Hours: We know that not all members want to, or are able to work within regular business hours, so we’ve made our space 24/7. Rockin Monkey is for business use only and overnight stays are not allowed (no slumber parties).

  4. Noise: Be courteous to others around you. If you listen to music, use headphones. If you are a loud talker on the phone, use the meeting room, if available. If you’re having a meeting, use the conference room, your dedicated office, or the lounge area.

  5. Food and Drink: We keep the kitchen stocked with coffee and water for you and your guests. There is a soda machine in the back offices of Rockin Monkey that you may use during regular business hours, as well. Feel free to bring in your own food and drinks and use the refrigerator and kitchen, but you should label what is yours. Any dishes used need to be cleaned and taken with you, not left in the sink (we will not clean up after you, this ain’t your mama’s house). Every Monday morning the fridge will be cleaned out and perishables left from the previous week will be thrown out.

  6. Guests: You can bring guests to Rockin Monkey for lunch, a meeting, or a quick visit. If your guest abuses their privileges, our guidelines, or code of conduct, may result in termination of your membership. Guests are your responsibility at all times while on Rockin Monkey premises.

  7. Internet: Internet is included. We despise bad internet and will try to provide you the best service possible.

  8. Phones: Phones are not provided. Members are expected to use their mobile phones or VOIP services such as Skype. The conference room has a phone for any conference calls needed to make during your meeting.

  9. Printers/Copiers/Scanners: There is a copier/printer located in our creative lounge for shared use by our members. Please be courteous and limit yourself to normal day-to-day use. If you have to print out more than fifteen (15) copies please ask Rockin Monkey staff to use the larger copier in the back offices, if available. Please note, depending on the size of the print out, you may incur ink or paper fees. If it is after regular business hours, take it to a lesser printing service, like FedEx/Kinko’s.

  10. Job Posting Board: We will have a job posting board in the print shop of Rockin Monkey for graphic designers to take part in. These job postings will be from clients of Rockin Monkey that require design work which we will shop out to members within Rockin Monkey. Any jobs completed will receive payment for work done. However; this job board does not guarantee a reliable, stable source of income for you. This is an added resource that Rockin Monkey would like to include in your membership where both of us may benefit.

  1. Postal Mail: Snail mail may be received in our offices and distributed to any member during their membership. You may also receive packages from UPS and Fed Ex. However; we will not be held accountable if we are not here to accept said package (on days where Rockin Monkey is closed for business). You are responsible for updating your mailing information with all of your contacts if you leave.

  2. Safety: We have surveillance systems, locks and outside lighting in place, however you are responsible for deciding the times that you work and if you are comfortable being here after regular business hours. We do not guarantee your safety.

  3. Directory: We have an online directory for our members. Your name and type of business will be included in the directory, but you can edit your profile information to determine what you feel comfortable sharing.

  4. Pets: Although we love animals, they are not allowed in the building unless they are service animals. I don’t want to be cleaning up no Ferret sh*t.

  5. Smoking: Neither smoking, nor vaping is permitted inside the building.