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Rockin Monkey is looking for fun, engaging streamers and content creators to sponsor and help promote our brand. We understand every channel has its own niche and community, and we carefully assess each person that applies. We want to be able to join your streams or interact with your content, and for you to know that we support you and your community. Sponsored content creators receive discounts, earn commissions, and get to be partnered up with the best custom sticker printer on the interwebs!

Sponsorship levels


Affiliate Code
Personal Discount
Sponsored Givaways
Giveaway Value
Free Products
Social Media Posts by RM
Encore ‡
Monthly Stipend
Promote Your Stickers
Sticker Unboxing on Stream
Banner/Logo on Stream
Social Media Posts by You

Rising Star

1,000+ Total Followers
Actively Posting Content
$250 per Month
1 out of 3 Months
$250 per Giveaway
2 Posts


10,000+ Total Followers
Actively Posting Content
$350 per Month
2 out of 3 Months
$350 per Giveaway
3 Posts
2 per Month


250,000+ Total Followers
Actively Posting Content
$500 per Month
3 out of 3 Months
$500 per Giveaway
3 Posts
3 per Month

‡ Encore: If your affiliate code reaches $250+ during your agreement term, you will be given a monetary bonus of $50.

Additional FAQs

Does it cost anything to participate?


How much will I earn?

Affiliate codes have a 10% commission based on the subtotal of qualifying orders (excluding tax and shipping).

That total amount you'll earn is up to you and your hard work; it'll be based on your follower/reach level.

When will I be paid?

Payouts will be scheduled for distribution every 15th and 30th of each month. They will be sent via bank transfer or PayPal depending on your preference.

How long will it take to know if I've been approved for a sponsorship?

Someone from Rockin Monkey will contact you within 5 - 7 business days (business days don't include weekends...). 

Where can I see all of my referred sales and commissions?

We are currently working on a solution for this.

My application was denied. Can I reapply?

Absolutely! Since we are a small business with a limited marketing budget per month, we're not able to sponsor a ton of people at the same time. Plus, we want to be able to be involved with you and your streams.

How long does the sponsorship last?

Typically our sponsorships are month to month, but different agreements can be made depending on the individual situation.  Both parties will need to confirm the continuation of the agreement by the 20th of each month to ensure affiliate codes and discounts remain active.

Will Rockin Monkey provide me with a code or a link to use?

As an affiliate, you will have your own, personal code to use at checkout that will provide you with your negotiated discount rate.¹

We will also provide you with a link your audience can use that will give them their negotiated discount rate.

Can my audience use the discount code more than once?

Absolutely! Your audience can use your discount code as many times as they'd like while you're sponsorship is active.

coming soon

coming soon

Can I use Rockin Monkey's logo on my stream?

You betcha! We're currently working on a brand assets and guideline page for affiliates to use.

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Wassup?! I'm Rockdad1984, or Rich. I'm an Interactive streamer. I play a wide variety of games and I always try to make the stream experience fun for all. I'm married, father to two boys, and a Black and Tan Coon hound. I'm a Disabled U.S Air Force Veteran aspiring to be a Partner with Twitch.


Hey everyone! I am RockMom85, but you can call me Clay. I am fucking addicted to Escape From Tarkov, not sure why I like to die repeatedly...but I keep coming back for more. The only abusive relationship I allow in my life LUL.


By applying for this sponsorship program, you understand that you (the "Affiliate" or "Sponsored Party") are not an employee, legal representative or partner of Rockin Monkey, LLC ("Rockin Monkey"). Nothing in the Sponsorship Program shall be deemed to create any kind of agency relationship between the Affiliate and Rockin Monkey. Affiliate has no authority to represent Rockin Monkey, contract on behalf of Rockin Monkey, or bind Rockin Monkey contractually in any way. Rockin Monkey may, in its unilateral business judgment, withhold awards or commissions where it believes that the Affiliate is acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. Commission will be paid, if deemed valid, every 15th and 30th  of each month. Sales which are returned or charged back by credit card will have any attached commission reversed or deducted from the Affiliate's account.

¹ Sharing your account specific code, or placing orders for others constitutes as misuse, and will result in termination of your sponsorship.