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General Questions

How long will my stickers last?

All of our stickers printed on white and clear vinyls are guaranteed to last between 3 and 5 years. We protect your stickers with a laminate that is resistant to fading and cracking from harsh UV sunlight.

Can you split the back of my stickers?

We do not split the backs of any of our stickers currently. 

However, we are currently working on this!

Will my new stickers be weatherproof?

All of our stickers printed on white and clear vinyls are weather proof and guaranteed to last 3 to 5 years. We protect your stickers with a laminate that is resistant to fading and cracking from the harsh UV sunlight.

Though we haven't tested them against lightning strikes or volcanic eruptions. Yet.

Are these paper stickers?

Nope. Never. We only use waterproof vinyls for our stickers.

What's the difference between Satin, Glossy, and Matte finishes?

Glossy has a shiny look that reflects a lot of light. We don't recommend glossy for any stickers that you will use on the back of cars or a lot of outdoor use. The reflection from the sun will make the stickers hard to read. However; a glossy finish does grab your attention!

Our matte finish is more of a "flat" look, with little sheen or light reflection. Our matte finish is perfect for adding a subtle sophistication to your stickers. If you hope to achieve a vintage feel, this finish may be for you! 

Satin is our standard finish that comes on all of our stickers unless otherwise noted on your order. Satin is a happy medium between glossy and matte. We love it because it is a great overall finish. If you're looking for something to showcase your sticker indoors and outdoors this is the finish for you!

No matter what finish you choose, they all protect your sticker from UV rays to keep them looking like they were just printed.

Can you cut out areas inside my stickers?

We sure can. 

Can you make me a holographic sticker with clear sections?

Unfortunately, no. All of our specialty stickers like holographic and glow are vinyl substrates, not liquid inks. This means that they cannot be combined with each other or our clear vinyl. We can only print inks on these materials. It would be cool though!

OK, what about a clear sticker with glow in the dark parts?

Still no.

How do you make your stickers?

Unfortunately, that's a secret. We've worked hard on our process throughout the years and have revolutionized the way  holographic stickers are made. Therefore; we will not tell you. 

Can you make my image into a cartoon?

Unfortunately, no we are not able to make your image into a cartoon character. That would be considered design work and we are a print ready shop.

Are die cut stickers the same as transfer decals?

No, they are not the same. A transfer decal is vinyl that has transfer tape on top of it so that when you remove the backing paper, you are able to apply it to a surface and remove the transfer tape. These transfer decals have letters or images with no background or vinyl between the letters; the vinyl is cut around the letters individually. 

Transfer decals are also typically single color and adding additional colors to a transfer decal costs more. This is because every color you add is a different vinyl sticker that needs to be cut and applied to your sticker. 

The best example of this is the monogrammed lettering that you find on Rtic or Yeti cups, or even on the back of vehicles. 

A die cut sticker has vinyl that is cut to the shape of your image or logo. You can do a custom shape around your image or logo, like square, round, etc., however; the vinyl remains whole throughout the sticker. 

I don't see transfer decals on your website.

Unfortunately, we no longer do transfer decals. The closest product we offer to a transfer decal would be our clear stickers. However; you will not get crystal clear vinyl with a clear sticker. 

Can I get my proof file?

Yes, just email us for a copy of your proof and we will send you a pdf! 

How do I remove my sticker from the backing paper?

We have a lot of people ask this! The best way to remove your sticker from the backing paper is to have the sticker facing you, find an edge of the sticker and "roll" the edge of the sticker. Use the pad of your finger when rolling the edge of the sticker towards the middle area of your sticker. We recommend finding an edge of the sticker with the most surface area, so that you are able to get a good grip on the sticker itself.

Using the roll technique you will not get gouges or marks from your fingernail when trying to pull the backing paper away.  

Can I apply my stickers to a wet surface?

You sure can! The sticker will remain repositionable while the adhesive is wet.

Please be aware that the adhesive will not begin to adhere to the surface until it is completely dried out.

Holographic Stickers

Do you laminate your holographic stickers?

Yes we do! We didn't used to, but after a ton of trial and error with different products and manufacturing processes, we are very proud to now offer a glossy UV laminate on all of our holographic stickers!!

Can some parts not have the holographic effect?

Absolutely! There are two spots when ordering that you can let us know if you would like certain areas holographic. You can choose on a drop down menu to let us know specific areas, to make it all holographic or for us to choose for you. 

What the difference between holographic and hologram?

Holographic material is a type of specialty foil used for printing and manufacturing of textiles. Whereas a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the beams of light, and unfortunately still sci-fi fantasy from movies like Star Wars.

What if I want my sticker to look like gold?

The best option for a "gold foil" affect sticker is to choose our chrome vinyl and let us know that you want it to look like gold foil in the notes. We will put a layer of yellow ink over the chrome sticker, giving it the gold foil look.

How small can my text be on holographic stickers?

coming soon

Can I order different holographic vinyls in one quantity?

Unfortunately, no. Since some of our holographic vinyls are different prices, you cannot mix and match within our holographic family under one quantity. 

Each type of holographic vinyl ordered (holographic, glitter holographic, chrome, prismatic, or pixie dust) will need to be a separate line item on your order. 

Glow in the Dark

I just opened my order, and my stickers aren't glowing! Why not?

Your stickers have been enclosed in a dark box, waiting for you to bring them into the light. They need time to absorb the light. Your stickers should only need a few hours to be able to really show you their glow powers. 

How long does the glow on glow in the dark stickers last?

The glow will typically last about 15 minutes from each charge, and begin losing its charge after about 3 minutes. By the 45-60 minute mark, the glow will be very faint.

Hint: If you are wanting to really have the glow affect POP on your stickers, try using a black light on them!

Are glow in the dark stickers laminated?

Yes! Our glow in the dark stickers are laminated with a glossy finish. If you would like to change that to satin or matte, let us know.

Do you offer different types of glow in the dark vinyl colors?

Yes, there are different colors of glow in the dark vinyls available from different manufacturers. However; we've tested those materials and they don't meet our quality standards. We have also noticed that the glow on those vinyls is not smooth; it is a grainy, subpar texture that we don't want to offer.

Can we pick and choose what parts are glow in the dark?

Absolutely! There are two spots when ordering that you can let us know if you would like certain areas glow in the dark. You can choose on a drop down menu to let us know specific areas, to make it all glow in the dark or for us to choose for you.


Will the glow in the dark affect show through my entire sticker?

It depends on your design! The lighter the color, the more it will glow. Darker colors block out the glow in the dark affect. So, colors like black, navy, dark reds, dark blues, dark purples, etc. will block out the glow in the dark affect.  However; colors like pink, light green, light blue, etc. will show the glow affect through them once the glow is activated. 

To get the most eye catching glow in the dark sticker, we recommend a black and white image! 

What will the glow in the dark vinyl look like when it isn't glowing?

Our glow in the dark vinyl looks white when not activated. 



Can I see a proof before ordering?

Your proof will only be produced and available after your order is placed.

Can I get a custom quote?

If you would like a quantity or size not listed, please contact us directly at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com for custom orders.

Do you offer rush printing services?

Rush orders are handled on a case by case basis and will depend on the size of your order and current production capacity.

If we are able to take on a rush order it will be an additional cost of 50% of the subtotal of your order.

How much does shipping cost?

Since USPS and Customs raised their prices, unfortunately, we had to as well. Hopefully, our shipping costs will be able to go back down soon!

Our current shipping costs are as follows: 

Shipping in the United States:
Free shipping for orders $75+

Orders under $75, shipping is $6.95

Sample pack shipping is $3.00

International Shipping (outside of Canada/Mexico): 

$46.60 for all orders

Canada/Mexico Shipping: 

Free shipping for orders $200+

Orders under $200, shipping is $34.95

Sample pack shipping is $24

What if my design doesn't fit exactly into the size I'm ordering?

Coming Soon

How long will my order take?

Coming Soon

Do you have Quantity/Design breaks?

We do! In order to qualify for our quantity/design breaks your images need to be ordered on the same type of vinyl, the same finish (glossy/matte/satin) and the same size. Our quantity/design breaks are as follows: 

50 qty - 2 designs
100 qty - 2 or 4 designs
150 qty - 3 designs
250 qty - 5 designs
500 qty - 5 designs
1,000 qty - 5 designs
1,500 qty - 6 designs

Promotions and Sales

We do flash sales and promotions throughout the year. If you would like to be notified of them, sign up for our newsletter (located at the bottom of our homepage). 

We send out emails about flash sales, as well as scheduled upcoming promotions! If you would prefer not to get an email, we also post them on our social media accounts!


How do I make changes to my order?

Contact us immediately! Either call us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com.

While we will do our best to stop your order before it goes into production, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to halt the job if it has already begun being printed.

How do I cancel my order?

Contact us immediately! Either call us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com

Orders can only be canceled before they enter production.

Can I change the quantity of my order?

Contact us immediately! Either call us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com

Orders cannot be altered once they enter production. If your order is already in production, we can place an additional order for the increase in quantity, but that will be handled as a separate order and might not be ready or shipped with the original order.


How do I reorder?

Place an order like normal for the sticker type, quantity, and size that you are reordering, and in the notes section please let us know the previous order number your want us to reference for this reorder. 

Keep in mind that when placing a reorder, if you order a different size or type of vinyl than you did on your previous order it is not considered a "reorder". We will pull the image from the previous order and use it on this order, but we will change the vinyl or size to be what you are currently ordering on that new order. 

If you do not know the previous order number or have any concerns about how to place your reorder, please contact us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com.

Can I make changes to my reorder?

Of course, just let us know what changes you would like made in the notes when placing your order. We will send you a new proof to approve with the changes requested.

Keep in mind that when placing a reorder, if you order a different size or type of vinyl than you did on your previous order it is not considered a "reorder". We will pull the image from the previous order and use it on this order, but we will change the vinyl or size to be what you are currently ordering on that new order.

Why can I not see my previous orders images on my account?

Coming Soon


What do I need to do to get a wholesale account?

Coming Soon

I have a discount code, can I still use it with my wholesale order?

Absolutely! Discount codes can be used on top of your wholesale pricing.

When I login, I don't see wholesale pricing.

Make sure you are using the link to the 'Wholesale Portal' located in the footer of our website. You can also get to it using the following link: Wholesale.RockinMonkey.com

Sticker Mockups (Proofs)

Proofing your stickers

What if I don't like the way my sticker looks on the proof?

No worries, there is a comment section where you can let us know what you want to change. Once the changes are made, we'll resend you the proof for your approval. You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you're happy!

Can I cancel my order after seeing my proof?

Not a problem! If your sticker just isn't turning out the way you want it after seeing the proof, we'll be more than happy to issue a full refund.

Why can't I see a proof when I'm placing my order?

That technology does not currently exist...yet. It's sort of possible with basic shapes like circles and squares, but since the majority of stickers that we print are die-cut, need backgrounds removed, colors changed, text removed/added. This all needs to be set up by a human graphic designer in our design software.

Trust me, you want a real person setting up your stickers rather than an automated system for something so custom.

What if I never got my proof?

There are a few reasons we have noticed on why proofs did not reach our customers. One is that it was sent to you but it was funneled into your spam folder. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes if you have a high or aggressive spam filter set on your email account.

Another issue we've seen is that when you placed your order, the email on your order was auto filled with a different email address than the one you wanted. This happens a lot with Paypal payments. Please check the email address listed on your order is the correct email for us to contact and send your proof to. 

Sometimes we may have had an influx of orders and that is the cause of the delay. This is especially noticeable during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. 

Our proofing department works on proofs as quickly as possible, but we also don't want to rush through orders and not make them exactly as you imagined. We don't want to have to delay your order getting sent to production with a changes or minor tweaks we should have done when setting the proof up for you.

If you got your "proof is ready to view" email, you are given access to view and approve your proof within that email.

If you ever wonder why you have not received your proof, please reach out to us! You can email us at info@rockinmonkey.com or call us at (210) 908-9824. 

Why is there so much space between my image and the cutline?

Coming Soon

Does the countdown timer keep going if I request changes?

No, every time you request changes, it stops the timer. A new 48 hour timer will begin once we upload a new version of your proof.

If I approve one of my stickers, does it automatically get sent to production?

If your order has multiple line items, all of your stickers must be approved before we can send your whole order to production. We will not send one approved sticker to print while waiting for you to approve the other sticker(s).

If we did this, it would cause chaos within your order as well as the production department. Each order goes through a specific process of customer service, proofing, production, quality check and shipping. Going back and forth from production to customer service would only delay your order! We've streamlined our process to get your order out to you as quickly as possible.

If you need one sticker in hand sooner than the others, reach out to customer service and we can find a way to help set your order up the best way possible!

Notices and Warnings

Why does my proof have an Image Quality Warning?

If we have included an Image Quality Warning on your proof it means that we have concerns about your image printing out legibly or without pixelation.

If you are able to send in a new file that has a higher resolution (dpi) or even a different type of file for us to use, this may eliminate the need for the image quality warning. 

If this occurs, please send your new image/file to info@rockinmonkey.com along with your order number. 

If there is an Image Quality Warning on your proof and you approve it, the sticker will be sent to production AS IS. We will not refund or reprint your stickers due to pixelation or legibility if you have approved it with the Image Quality Warning on the proof.

Why does my proof have a quantity increase note on there?

If you order a sticker and your image does not fill up the size you ordered we will increase the amount of stickers you receive so that you are getting the same amount of vinyl that you paid for. 

What's this note about the 'reds' or 'blues' in my artwork?

Depending on the actual ink mixture of the reds or blues in your image, we may have to adjust the mixtures on our end so that once the image is printed, it will look like the image you sent to us.

There's A LOT that goes into printing colors accurately, and our Prepress Department is extensively trained to make adjustments to get your colors looking exactly as you expect them to be.

Tracking Your Order Status

Tracking Your Order Status

My order say "Sent to Production", but I never approved it.

You are given 48 hours to approve your proof. We follow that 48 hours up with a reminder email letting you know that you have not approved your proof and that approval is about to expire. 

If you do not approve your proof within 72 hours of us sending it to you, your order will be sent to production AS IS. 

This is stated both on the email you are sent letting you know that your proof is ready for viewing and also on the proof itself. 

If you got your "proof is ready to view" email, you are given access to view and approve your proof within that email. If for some reason it is not allowing you to view your proof, please contact us at Info@RockinMonkey.com or at (210) 908-9824 so that we can send your proof to you via email. 

What information do I need to track my order?

There are two ways to retrieve your order information, by order number, or by entering the email you used when placing your order.

My order is stuck on "Sent to Production". What's the deal?

Sometimes your order will 'sit' in this stage while your order is queued for printing. There are a few factors that go into queuing your order, these include approval date and material types.

As soon as your order is sent to print, we'll update your status with which printer your order was sent to.

Why does production take so long?

Every single order we produce is a custom order that has to be setup, printed, laminated, cut, and inspected for quality. 

Where to find your USPS tracking number

coming soon

Order Statuses Explained

Missing Artwork

After your order is placed, it is forwarded to our Prepress Dept. where one of our awesome designers will put your proof together for you to review. This typically takes 1-2 business days here before a proof is ready.

Queued for Proofing

After your order is placed, it is forwarded to our Prepress Dept. where one of our awesome designers will put your proof together for you to review. This typically takes 1-2 business days here before a proof is ready.

Ready for Review

Our Prepress designers have finished your proof and it's now ready for you to review. If everything looks good, you can click the 'Approve' button. You can also request changes as many times as you'd like. 

We want to make sure you get exactly the stickers you want so, if you see something you don't like or want to change, just let us know in the comments section.

Forwarded to Production

Daaayum, ok. Glad to see you're not monkeying around with your stickers! We've skipped the proofing process, and forwarded your order to production.

Queued for Printing
Right now, we're preparing your finalized artwork from your proof to be printed and are determining which printer will get to print your awesome stickers!
Printing on Abu / Magilla / Donkey Kong / etc.

All of our printers are named after cartoon primates. Not only is it fun and gives the machines character. I mean, would you rather work with Mojo Jojo or 'Printer 3'?

Depending on what types of stickers you order, your stickers might be printing on 2 or 3 printers.

Inspection and Shipping

Your order doesn't typically sit in this status long. As your order is being cut and pulled off the printer, it's being quickly inspected for dust, ink issues, cutline centering, and correct quantities.

Once your order is filled, it moves into the shipping room for inspection and packaging. Here your order is quality inspected again, quantities are verified, signed off on, and packaged and shipped.

Shipping and Delivery

How long will my order take?

Typically the entire process (not including shipping) should not extend beyond 9 business days. 

Your should receive a proof within 2 business days of placing your order. Once you approve your proof, your order goes into production, and will be ready to pick up or ship out within 5-7 business days.

However; if there is an influx of orders your order could take up to 13 business days in production. 

Shipping then adds 1-4 days depending on USPS.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, we'll ship your order anywhere in the world you'd like! So far, we've shipped orders to all 8 continents. Yes, there are 8 not 7 like most of us learned in school. In 2017, it was discovered that New Zealand is actually on it's own continent, called Zealandia. (Coulda come up with a better, less make-believe sounding name though.)

Do you ship to APO/AE?

You betcha! We ship most of our packages with the USPS, so APO or AE address's are no problem.

Can you blind ship my order?

We sure can! We'll remove all packaging that has our Rockin Monkey or Bixby mascot on it. We also make sure the shipping label does not contain our company name.

If you would like us to blind ship your order, please let us know in the 'Special Requests' section when placing your order.

Can you ship my order through FedEx instead of USPS?

Yes, we can! Just let us know in the comments or give us a call to alter the shipping. We will send you an additional invoice for the difference in shipping costs. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to take your FedEx account number to charge your account instead of paying the invoice we send you. 

Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?

As long as your order has not already shipped, we can change that for you! Just email us at Info@RockinMonkey.com with the new address and your order number. We'll adjust it on our end so that it will go to the address needed. 

If your order has already shipped and you need to reroute it to a different address, you will need to contact USPS or FedEx. Unfortunately, they won't talk to the senders regarding status' or changes; only the recipient! 

We can also wait for your package to be returned to us and then send it out to the new address you provide. 

I think my package is lost in the mail. What should I do?

While we wish every package would reach its final destination, we know sometimes things happen with delivery services like USPS or FedEx. Believe me, we're just as frustrated as you that your order went missing during the last stage.

Contact us at (210) 908-9824 or Info@RockinMonkey.com, and we'll get your reprinted and shipped immediately.

Payment and Satisfaction


Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we do! Just click on the PayPal button at checkout.

Can I pay with a check?

Yes, you can pay your invoice with a check. We will not begin your order without payment so until we receive the check and process the payment, your order will remain unpaid. 

Once we receive the check we will mark your order as paid and get it over to our proofing department. If you send in your image for the order at the time of the invoice being made, we will not need to keep your order on hold after getting your check until you send in the missing image. 

Do you offer net 15/30 payment options?

No, we do not offer net 15/30 payments. 

Are you prices in USD?

Yes, our prices are originally shown in US currency. However; you can adjust that on our website by going to the top right corner and clicking the drop down button next to USD. This will give you the option of showing our prices in different currencies. 


Can I return my stickers if I don't like them?

Because our products are custom printed for you, we do not accept returns. However, if there was an issue on our end (i.e- wrong size, colors, defects, etc), we will of course replace your stickers free of charge.

If you have concerns about how your stickers ended up, please contact us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com.

Click here to read more about our Satisfaction Guarantee!

What if I receive the wrong size?

Contact us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com.

What if I receive the wrong quantity?

Contact us at (210) 908-9824 or email Info@RockinMonkey.com.

There's an issue with my stickers. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, once your order is printed we cannot issue a refund. If you have an issue with your stickers; coloring, cutlines, shipping issues, etc. Please let us know as soon as possible. You can either call us at (210) 908-9824 or email us at info@rockinmonkey.com. We’ll ask you to send in pictures of the areas of concern so that we can take a look at them with you.If the error(s) are due to set up, printing, packaging or have been mis-delivered or lost, we will gladly reprint your order for you.

Since our products are custom made there will be no refunds given once your order is printed.

We must be notified within 30 days of USPS delivery that you have an issue with your stickers.

Questions That Don't Fit Elsewhere

I want my stickers the size of my palm. What size do I need to order?

All of our palm sizes are different. You need to measure your palm in order for us to get you the correct sizing for your sticker. A good size comparison we like to give is a post it note. Post it notes are 3"x3" squares; do you want something bigger or smaller than that?

Can these be used as pasties?

Sure... if your feelin' a little wild, go for it! However; it may not be the best feeling when taking them off. Remember, this is vinyl adhesive and they are not made for solely being put on your skin. Our stickers are not made or marketed for skin application. 

Will you print anything, like...anything?

We'll print almost anything you send us! We're not afraid of bad language or nude images... 'ya filthy animal.

Images we won't print are ones that show or promote hate speech or any trademarked/licensed images (sorry Disney and NFL fans!). 

If you are on the fence on whether we would print it, just send us an email at Info@RockinMonkey.com and let us know you are wondering about the image content. We'll take a look at it and let you know if it goes against our policy. 

Ay is yor sample box free or wat[?]

We have sample packs available here. They are $3 (after shipping), and show all of the types of stickers we currently offer.

Yo you make custom stickers?
Yes. Yes we do. In fact, that's all we do!
Are your stickers tested on animals?

Um...no. Our stickers are not intended to be used on or in your body, so there would be no reason to test our stickers on animals. Unless you count the owner's kids, then yes. We've stuck stickers on their kids.

Are your stickers vegan and cruelty free?

WTF...sure, why not? I didn't think this was something I'd ever think about, but since we've been asked, let's go ahead an answer it. I would say our stickers are vegan the same way a TV or a lightbulb would be vegan. Our vinyls and laminates are made from PVC, and our inks are made from ether extracted taken from refined mineral oils.

Can I put stickers in the microwave?

I wouldn't. Our standard sticker vinyl is made from PVC, and it is not considered food safe. As for our holographic foils are well, foil. Don't put our holographic stickers in the microwave.