Eye catching and quite fetching.

Nothing screams '80s quite like prismatic stickers. Seriously, we're pretty sure EVERYONE had some of these specialty stickers growing up!

To create excellence and high-quality stickers, you need a company that's dedicated to taking the time to get them right. We know that as an artist and business owner, you've got enough to deal with. This is why we make the ordering and mockup process so easy!

We've innovated the way holographic stickers are printed and guarantee no one does it the way we do. From our modified specialty printers to the layering of materials that go into each batch of stickers, we here at Rockin Monkey are very proud of the glitter holographic stickers we produce.

We've not only honed the final product you receive, we've also streamlined our backend processes for these specialty stickers. Our Prepress and Production departments work hand-in-hand to make each and every sticker order look their very best.

Our most recent innovation with our entire line of holographic foils is that they are all scratch and fade resistant. That’s right, we now laminate ALL of our holographic, glitter, chrome, and prismatic stickers! Go ahead and put one of our stickers on the back of your phone and toss it in your pocket with your keys. These won’t scratch!

Prismatic Stickers