Have you concidered our mirrored...chrome?

We get asked all the time about the difference between chrome and holographic stickers. It’s the rainbow effect you see across the holographic material with changes in light and perspective. The chrome is similar but without the colorful rainbow.

Chrome is also great to use if you are looking for a gold, rose gold, gunmetal, or any other metallic look. We can print a flat color on top of chrome that will create the metallic finish you’re looking for.

Let’s say you want your logo to look like it’s been printed with gold foil. We’ll print a golden yellow layer between the chrome material and your logo. Then like printer magic, your logo has a beautiful golden shine—all without the distracting rainbow effect you’d get if we printed it on holographic vinyl.

Our most recent innovation with our entire line of holographic foils is making them scratch and fade resistant. That’s right—we now laminate all of our holographic, glitter, chrome, and prismatic stickers! Put one of our stickers on the back of your phone, and toss it in your pocket with your keys. It won’t get scratched!

From the moment you upload your design through our easy-to-use ordering process until you open that highly anticipated package in the mail, our employees treat your order as they would their very own.

So, let our expert team of designers and printers help you turn your artwork or logo into an awesome sticker that will literally shine!

Mirrored Chrome Stickers