Prismatic Stickers are Here!

by Josh Bernstein     November 25, 2019

It's 8:29 in the morning; you're sitting at your desk, and your teacher announces that it's time to work on Social Studies. You pull out your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and Garbage Pail pencil case that your mom probably bought from Eckerd Drug Store, and while you're getting ready to start writing, all you can think of is how many cats has Alf eaten?

While we can't bring back everything from the 80's, we can bring back those totally rad stickers that featured everything from Care Bears to The Toxic Avenger.

Yep, prismatic holographic stickers are back, and now you can print whatever you'd like on them. They feature a mosaic of small squares creating a colorful pattern when light passes over them. So bring back the nostalgic memories of your past with our prismatic vinyl ready to be printed with your totally tubular designs!

Josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein


Owner, designer, and all-around misfit at Rockin Monkey.

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