Sample Packs by Rockin Monkey

Order a sample pack to see and feel the Rockin Monkey difference! You will receive a sample of each material, finish, and a material guide explaining each sample.



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Sample Pack FAQ

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1. Once the mockup for your order are ready, you'll receive an email with the link to your mockup. You will have 48 hours to request changes. If you do not request changes or approve the mockup within 48 hours, your order will be automatically forwarded to production.

2. If you are making a change in vinyl, size or finish, we will not be able to send your order straight to production. Also, if your order has other line items that require a proof, we will be re-sending a proof for your re-ordered stickers. We cannot split the order to print one line item prior to the others.

3. This glow vinyl is a limited supply. We are in the process of updating our glow in the dark vinyl with a heat activated, longer lasting glow. Once we switch over to the new glow vinyl, we’ll let our customers know. Glow in the dark stickers are printed in black ink only. No colors are printed on glow materials — color images will be converted to grayscale for printing.

  © 2022 Rockin Monkey, LLC. Made with in Texas.
  © 2022 Rockin Monkey, LLC. Made with in Texas.