10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Background for your Sticker Sheets!

Published on Aug 13, 2023 and written by Josh Bernstein

The background for your sticker sheet plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your designs. Your choice of the background image can affect how your individual stickers stand out, the mood it conveys, and the overall presentation. Here are some considerations and options for choosing a background for your sticker sheet:

    3. Pattern Backgrounds

    A seamless pattern can add a visual element that doesn't take away from the stickers on the sticker sheet. You could also consider using textures relevant to your designs, such as paper, concrete, etc.

    4. Illustrated Backgrounds

    Create an illustrated or hand-drawn background that complements your artwork. Hand-drawn sticker sheets feel very cohesive when little background elements surround the main stickers on the sheet. These little elements could include tiny leaves, ribbons, stars or starbursts, simple little skulls, etc. Just choose little elements that will fit with your sticker artwork.

    5. Photographic Background

    Using a photograph as the background can add realism or additional context to your sticker designs. Ensure that the photo is balanced with the main artwork and relates to the overall theme.

    6. Branding Elements

    Incorporate your logo, brand name, or other branding elements into the background. This can help reinforce your brand identity and make the sticker sheet recognizable.

    7. Contact Information

    Use sticker sheets to build brand awareness for yourself or your organization. Consider adding social media handles, your website, business address, phone number, etc. You know – contact info.

    8. Negative Space

    Embrace negative space by leaving portions of the sticker sheet blank. This can create a minimalist and modern look, allowing your artwork to shine. Or it might just look boring AF. If that's the case, reconsider the other options listed here. 😁

    9. Seasonal or Event Themes

    Customize the background to match a specific season, holiday, or event. This can make your sticker sheet feel timely and relevant.

    10. Create a Sticker Series

    If you have too many individual stickers to fit on your final sticker sheet, you might want to break up the entire collection of stickers into multiple sheets. Then you can label them as Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. Consider doing this if you plan to expand upon the artwork for the first sticker sheet.

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Published Nov 13, 2019

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When choosing a background, ensure it complements and enhances your artwork rather than overpowering it. The background should contribute to the overall theme and mood you want to convey with your sticker sheet. Experiment with different options, and don't hesitate to ask one of our Sticker Specialists for help and guidance with the background.